Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MR2 Spyder

The Toyota MR2 Spyder is one of those cars that I'm surprised was actually sold in America, and I think it's a fabulous thing. What isn't so fabulous is that you almost never see any tastefully modified ones. They have so much potential, but it seems like no one wants to tap into that.
Did you know that they're pretty much the exact same size as a Miata? Check it out:

MR2 Spyder:
Length 153 in (3,886 mm)
Width 66.7 in (1,694 mm)
Height 48.8 in (1,240 mm)

NA Miata:
Length 155.4 in (3,950 mm)
Width 65.9 in (1,670 mm)
Height 48.2 in (1,220 mm)

Anyway here are a couple decent ones I found:

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