Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mk. II

Well it's Saturday and I'm feeling kinda lazy, so I'm just gonna show you a ballin' awesome Celica Supra picture I've got. (I kinda don't like the white so much though. They're always white for crap's sake! Why can't someone try like, matte gunmetal?)

Oh yeah and by the way, last night I was at my friend's house, about to walk out the door and head home, when we all heard what sounded like someone knocking a bunch of garbage cans over right beside the house, so I was like "I'm gonna see what it is!" thinking it was some raccoons, but I go outside, and what do I see? A 2000-2002ish Honda Accord Coupe, silver, that had just plowed (and I mean PLOWED) into a parked Pontiac G5. I was pretty shocked to see that, and then the freakin' Accord backs away and starts to drive off, and I was just thinking "Is this douchebag actually gonna hit and run? I gotta get that license plate number!" sooo as this car drove past the house I was at, I ran into the road and chased it for enough time to see the tag, and then I called the cops and told them everything. Heh heh heh. Sucka's gonna get BUSTAD!

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