Friday, April 2, 2010

FIRST! And, Cozzy.

I'm gonna try to have a legitimately decent blog here, meaning one post per day.
I think I'm aiming for it to be mostly a car blog, but I like vans and trucks and motorcycles and skateboards and bicycles too, and since those all roll, there's a pretty good chance that those things will find their way on here at some point. Honestly, I don't know what this blog will become yet, but I have opinions on pretty much everything vehicle-related, so I'll probably share those a lot. Whatever, we'll see how it goes down.


Cosworth needs to come back to North America, 'cause I need a good excuse to get "COSW" and "ORTH" tattooed on my knuckles, y'know? And their engines rock.
The future does look bright though. Lotus and Cosworth are getting all cuddly again, which should mean we'll see Elises and stuff driving around with Cozzy-massaged Toyota engines in the not-too distant future. Woop woop!

Yeah so here're some retro-Cosworth-goodness pics:

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